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Day 3: Pull yourself together

The previous day was a tiring one so we voted to stay home. Computer games (them), checking photos and writing (me) and meeting new people. There’s not too much to say about this day. Just love and understanding – as Ed says.

In the afternoon we went out to visit a small town near us.

This town is pretty old, with lovely homes and quiet streets. Most of the houses had this kind of architecture, which I fell in love with.

We walked around for a while, talking and admiring. I was so happy to see a soccer field which was full of kids that were playing. The thing that really inspired me was that almost every kid was a different nationality, but they still played together. I truly believe that we can learn a lot from children, how they see the world and how they respond to it.

It was time to get back and while we waited for the train, I saw this amazing sunset and decide to take the snap. Unfortunately, my phone isn’t very professional, but I still think that I made a good caption.

When getting back to Rüsselsheim I started feeling sick and so I had the boys carry me home. Even though I could barely stand up, Dan’s jokes made the way lighter and not so far away. As soon as I took some pills I fall asleep.

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Day 2: Frankfurt’s story

I didn’t have such a good sleep in a long time. I woke up refreshed and ready to walk miles, just to make sure I don’t leave anything spectacular aside.

I had a light breakfast, and of course, a cup of coffee. A shower later, and we were ready to go. We drove to Rüsselheim to take the train. It is the fastest way to go everywhere. We bought a group ticket – 16,40€ and looked for the train. It was announced to arrive in 9 minutes. It was perfectly on time.

I was amazed of how much space there was. Countless seats which were very comfortable and an unbelievable cleanness. I barely felt how fast the train was going. In half an hour we arrived in Frankfurt am Hauptbahnhof.

From the outside

It is huge inside out, it made me recall the stations I saw in the American movies. Thousand of people were passing and still there was no one having an angry face or stumbling.

We got to a walking zone and saw business people eating lunch in the square. They were chatting while eating sausages or having a beer. It was shocking. I could never picture Romanians do that.

We were starving and so we decided to eat. We couldn’t choose a restaurant, tho there were a lot.

Dan told me that Frankfurt is the city where businesses take me place. Now I get why. Skyscrapers, buildings made of glass and a lot of bistros. All these combined with old architecture, like this Cathedral.

As it was lunch time we headed to Galeria, a mall with countless shops and a top floor with great views. Like these.

I ate a delicious dish – the chief’s specialty. And enjoyed the view while planning for the future.


Then, we headed to Primark, a very good shop. While wandering around, Dan saw a jacket and said that it was for me. I put it on and it was perfect. In Romania I struggled to find the perfect size for my minion form. And I found it here, in Deutschland. Everyone bought something and left for a coffee. But the weather had other plans for us.

This is the Mercedes Bank.

So we rushed to the train station. Still, the storm caught us and we were forced to run in the rain. I could barely see 1m away. The boys were in front of me, running, but my short legs could barely keep up with their speed.


It was this bad. We found shelter at a hotel’s entrance and we waited there for the storm to pass. Dan bought a leather jacket for him and he offered me it in order to keep me warm. To me, it was more like a short dress, than a jacket.

Another sprint through puddle and wind and raindrops. I felt like a duck as my socks were wet.

We stopped at a market to relax a little and then hurried to the station. It was awful. My lungs and legs were more than tired. The storm was so bad that even the trains had almost 2 hours delay, which is unbelievable for German transport.

Soaked in water and tired, we finally arrived home. After a hot shower we went to a park near us – Ost to have a beer and relax.

Here I drank a beer with bananas. It was amazingly tasty. We chatted and told old stories. Then, when hunger stroke, midnight, we went to a kebab restaurant and ordered this.


I couldn’t eat this while thing so I asked to take it home. No problem. And so day 2 was over.

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First day 

I’m soooo sorry for not posting again yesterday as I said. Hope you can forgive me. Trust me, it’s been a rollercouster from the moment of the check in.

There were 30 minutes delay with our flight. Then, we were taken by our host: Dan (my bf’s friend) and we went visiting his sister. I was shocked by all the cultural differencies: a language I barely understand, houses I fell in love with and people so kind and fun, I had no time to be bored. 

I took lots of photos, most probably I will post a gallery.  Then we headed from Köln to Frankfurt, to our new home. I was so excited that my cheeks were hurting due to the big smile I wore. 

I was exhausted but too amazed to let the sleep get me. After dinner, we spent some time in the balcony and then another big surprise: they celebrated me as St. Mary. Champagne and sweets. I almost started crying. 

All that joy and happiness filled me all the time. I really felt lucky to have the chance to see such beauty and stay with lovely people. 

And for this, I want to thank Dan for receiving us and making the best of our time.

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No journey without fun

Hi guys! This day has been more than full of unseen experiences. I left home late and almost lost the train. There has been a delaye of 1 and half hour. We arrived in Craiova 40 minutes ago and rushed to the airport. Of course, not before struggling with finding a taxi and realising that I forgot my jacket in the train. 

We were already exhausted and nervous and as it was our first flight together, we didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious and I followed my boyfriend who tried to calm me down. Of course, we forgot to take out a small bottle of water and we were reprimanded. Our fault.

And we enjoy a really small coffee, while waiting for the plane to arrive.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I land and steal some wi-fi.

Here are some pics from Craiova.

The train station

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New chapter

I feel like these days I was finally able to close a chapter in my life. One that was tough, but full of lessons that taught me so much about myself. I needed a closure, even though I struggle a little with the whole “ending” idea.

Last night I celebrated a friend’s birthday and went to a club in Bucharest – The Silver Church. Trust me or not, it was the first time I actually went out in a club, with friends. There, I met some old friends, to whom I haven’t spoken in months. But still, our hearts felt linked as we got very excited to meet again.

We let some old memories on the table. Old stories that burned too bright, or how we dealt with how small we felt at that time. I let myself remember some things, and I found that with time, I forgave and moved now. I forgave myself and others. It was refreshing to feel no more pain when my mind crossed to that time.

Between drinks and chatts I offered myself some time to reflect. I was happy and content. The grey days were over, and bright ones were coming soon.

While being in the cab ’cause I called one to take me home as it was almost 5 o’clock in the morning, I saw a quiet Bucharest. Almost no one in the streets, city lights to guide me home, but the most interesting aspect was the way this ride made me feel: full of myself. But not in a proudly way, but more like authentically way.

Four hours later I was up, getting ready to start a new project. A few weeks ago, I received an email from my Romanian teacher, telling me about a project with teenagers. It is called Write your story (Scrie povestea ta) and it is dedicated to young girls that are passionate about writing. Just like me.

I can’t really recall whether I have told you before, or not, but I write. A lot. Short fragments, short fragments and right now I have this crazy idea about starting writing a novel and publishing it.

With little sleep, a small breakfast and a full cup of coffee, I rushed to the meeting place. Fortunately, I wasn’t late. I even had time to stop and take some pictures.

When I finally got to the building I had excitement and fright running through my veins. It was the first time that I went public with my writings. I met lovely girls, whose imagination stunned me, and somehow we become closer.

The first exercise was to pick a photo and make up a story about it. There you have the one that fascinated me. Maybe I will post the short fragment that I wrote. I’ll think about it.

The point is, after months of focusing just on school, blog and other stuff, I let myself sink again in those writer feels. It was great. And I hope that this course will make me more confident and improve my skills.