First the background, next the story

Hello, my dear readers!

I’m back in business, I just recovered after my extreme weekend and now I’m ready to share with you the not-so-happy experience I had in the past days.

Well, the story starts on Thursday, at my godparent’s place. We were celebrating 3 years of their marriage. Besides drinking and eating cake, we talked about going on a trip. Nothing fancy, just relaxation.

”Let’s go camping” my mom said. Worst idea. We haven’t been going since 2014 when we had another bad experience. I guess those who don’t learn from history are supposed to repeat it.

In order to understand better the background on this trip, I should tell you about the previous one.

We went camping, to Padina. It was our first time there, and we heard only good things about the place, so we decided to try it out.

It’s not pretty far from Bucharest, but you still spend some time in the car.


We never go camping without being prepared: tents, boots, gas tank, lanterns, penknife, mattress, air pump, table, chairs, raincoats, thick clothes and so on. The whole family went – my grandparents, my godsons, my cousin and my parents. We put our tents and a pavilion, in order to be protected from the wind and possible rain. We had fun, ate, made a campfire and stayed up late.

It was lovely, until the next morning. We woke up and the morning seemed pretty chilly, with some fog around the peaks and a low temperature. The forest seemed dark, unwelcoming. We had breakfast and slowly after that, the ending began.

It started pouring. Like a lot. Heavy raindrops, hitting the pavilion and us. The wind almost blew our tents. We could barely see each other. Each one of us tried to stay alert and keep the tents and the pavilions on the ground. We shouted in order to hear one another.

The storm was terrifying, thunders kept us scared while we were wet to the bones. We struggled to pack everything, without caring which one’s which or where we put the things. When we finally got in the car, I pulled away my boots and my feet were soaked in dirt and cold water.

We stopped at the nearest restaurant Valea Șipotului Cabin, as we were tired, hungry and mostly, wet. We dried our clothes using the dryer in the bathroom. I still don’t know how they received us, all covered in dirt. We had a heartwarming lunch and then headed straight home.

It was terrible. 

Now it’s time to live in the present – actually the present from 2 days ago.


I can't wait to hear you out!

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