Tourism may have a new face

I hope you all have a good day, enjoying some cold beverage and staying as far as possible from the heat.🍸👒
This post isn’t about myself, but a concept I believe in, one that’s promising a touristic future for Romania: Transilvania Train. I think that very few of you know about it. And this post has the goal to tell the world that Romania is ready to become more friendly with its tourists, that there are beautiful people who love this country and who want to share its beauty with others.

I want to tell you the background of this project so you can understand it better.

Everything started from a silly joke about the speed of our trains which are very slow compared to other European countries. Andrei Pitulice, Oana Pricop, Alina Deak and Alexandra Grigore are the ones that turned a turnoff of our country, into a potential new manner of discovering Romania.

They truly believe that this country has too many lovely things to offer: customs, kindness, sights and a good taste for traveling. Small entrepreneurs are the ones who can change the world. They are enthusiastic, motivated, and most of all, they are hardworking when it comes to their dreams.

I was extremely lucky to have the chance to meet Oana and Alina, and these awesome ladies changed the course of my life. While we were chatting, they told me about their new project and how excited they were about it.

Now it’s time to tell you guys what is going to happen in Transilvania Train. Picture at least 100 people, lovers of travel, adventure, human experiences, eager to discover Romania, all in one place. They are all chatting around in the bistro’s carriages while enjoying some tasty wine and admiring the beautiful landscapes.

They visit these 6 cities that are most representative of the Transylvanian spirit and participate in workshops about local customs and crafts.

They are the honor guests for which a classical concert will take place in one of the city’s markets and another one in a fortified church.

Every aspect of this journey is traditional, supporting the local economy. It’s about people and feelings.

A lot of work was done in order to make it real. Creating partnerships. Convincing the right people. Promoting in every way. Being confident that it will be a success no matter the obstacles.

If you want to see Romania from a different point of view I truly recommend you to join us in our journey. It will be unforgettable. Click here to find out more about the project.

Hopefully, we’ll see each other there!😊


I can't wait to hear you out!

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