Some details cannot be left aside

I know I’m a little lazy these days with my posts, but trust me, it’s been a hell of a busy week and it’s still far from being over. I just re-checked my luggage list, trying to put in everything, but I have some last details to take care of.

Currently, I’m trying to get more used to Deutsche but seems like going nowhere further than counting to 10. Even tho I spent like 3 years on high school learning this tangled language (at least that’s how I see it), I can’t improve. Shame on me, I know.

This is why I searched for my dictionary and I made myself study at least the conversation lines. Also, I’m trying to put up a little map with the attractions I want to visit.

I’m struggling a little too much with Google Maps. Do you have other suggestions? Please help me out.

Hope your week is going alright and that you don’t forget to treat yourself for all that effort you put up with. 


I can't wait to hear you out!

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