Time to moult

I feel like these days I was finally able to close a chapter in my life. One that was tough, but full of lessons that taught me so much about myself. I needed a closure, even though I struggle a little with the whole “ending” idea.

Last night I celebrated a friend’s birthday and went to a club in Bucharest – The Silver Church. Trust me or not, it was the first time I actually went out in a club, with friends. There, I met some old friends, to whom I haven’t spoken in months. But still, our hearts felt linked as we got very excited to meet again.

We let some old memories on the table. Old stories that burned too bright, or how we dealt with how small we felt at that time. I let myself remember some things, and I found that with time, I forgave and moved now. I forgave myself and others. It was refreshing to feel no more pain when my mind crossed to that time.

Between drinks and chats, I offered myself some time to reflect. I was happy and content. The grey days were over, and bright ones were coming soon.

While being in the cab ’cause I called one to take me home as it was almost 5 o’clock in the morning, I saw a quiet Bucharest. Almost no one in the streets, city lights to guide me home, but the most interesting aspect was the way this ride made me feel: full of myself. But not in a proudly way, but more like authentically way.

Four hours later I was up, getting ready to start a new project. A few weeks ago, I received an email from my Romanian teacher, telling me about a project with teenagers. It is called Write your story (Scrie povestea ta) and it is dedicated to young girls that are passionate about writing. Just like me.

I can’t really recall whether I have told you before, or not, but I write. A lot. Short fragments, short fragments and right now I have this crazy idea about starting writing a novel and publishing it.

With little sleep, a small breakfast and a full cup of coffee, I rushed to the meeting place. Fortunately, I wasn’t late. I even had time to stop and take some pictures.

When I finally got to the building I had excitement and fright running through my veins. It was the first time that I went public with my writings. I met lovely girls, whose imagination stunned me, and somehow we become closer.

The first exercise was to pick a photo and make up a story about it. There you have the one that fascinated me. Maybe I will post the short fragment that I wrote. I’ll think about it.

The point is, after months of focusing just on school, blog and other stuff, I let myself sink again in those writer feels. It was great. And I hope that this course will make me more confident and improve my skills.


I can't wait to hear you out!

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