About me

I grew up travelling. It’s in my blood.

My dad used to organize family trips all over the country. He told me that I should fall in love with my own country – Romania, and then leave for the entire globe. He was right, why? Because only this way I could learn about myself, about the traditions and the beautiful landscapes that feel like home to me. He took me almost everywhere, wanting me to discover, explore and keep in mind where I come from. I had endless experiences, from petting a dear, climbing  1480 rock stairs only to see some ruins (Peonari Citadel), to almost getting hugged by a bear in my sleep (we were camping).


Thanks to him I decided to take the path less traveled.

A lot of doors were opened to me during high school, the only thing left was to walk. And this what I am going to do for the rest of my life.

I’m going to share with you my experiences, my trips, and most of all, my thoughts. Prepare for story telling, advice, lists and questions to be answered!

The man in this photo is my beloved one. Thanks to him I started loving myself and I put my fears apart, so while holding his hand I am sure I will succed in my dreams. Our dreams.