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Getting ready 

I know I’m a little lazy these days with my posts, but trust me, it’s been a hell of a busy week and it’s still far from being over. I just re-checked my luggage list, trying to put in everything, but I have some last details to take care of.

Currently, I’m trying to get more used to Deutsch, but seems like going nowhere further than counting to 10. Even tho I spent like 3 years on high school learning this tangled language (at least that’s how I see it), I can’t improve. Shame on me, I know.

This is why I searched for my dictionary and I made myself study at least the conversation lines. Also, I’m trying to put up a little map with the attractions I want to visit.

I’m struggling a little too much with Google Maps. Do you have other suggestions? Please help me out.

Hope your week is going alright and that you don’t forget to treat yourself for all that effort you put up with. 

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Meeting a dream

I hope you all have a good day, enjoying some cold beverage and staying as far as possible from the heat.🍸👒
This post isn’t about myself, but a concept I believe in, one that’s promising a touristic future for Romania: Transilvania Train. I think that very few of you know about it. And this post has the goal to tell the world that Romania is ready to become more friendly with its tourists, that there are beautiful people who love this country and who want to share its beauty with others.

I want to tell you the background of this project so you can understand it better.

Everything started from a silly joke about the speed of our trains which are very slow compared to other European countries. Andrei Pitulice, Oana Pricop, Alina Deak and Alexandra Grigore are the ones that turned a turnoff of our country, into a potential new manner of discovering Romania.

They truly believe that this country has too many lovely things to offer: customs, kindness, sights and a good taste for travelling. Small entrepreneurs are tho ones who can change the world. They are enthusiast, motivated, and most of all, they are hardworking when it comes to their dreams.

I was extremely lucky to have the chance to meet Oana and Alina, and these awesome ladies changed the course of my life. While we were chatting, they told me about their new project and how excited they were about it.

Now it’s time to tell you guys what is going to happen in Transilvania Train. Picture at least 100 people, lovers of travelling, adventure, human experiences, eager to discover Romania, all in one place. They are all chatting around in the bistro’s carriages, while enjoying some tasty wine and admiring the beautiful landscapes.

They visit these 6 cities that are most representative of the Transylvanian spirit and participate at workshops about local customs and crafts.

They are the honor guests for which a classical concert will take place in one of the city’s market and another one in a fortified church.

Every aspect of this journey is traditional, supporting the local economy. It’s about people and feelings.

A lot of work was done in order to make it real. Creating partnerships. Convincing the right people. Promoting in every way. Being confident that it will be a success no matter the obstacles.

If you want to see Romania from a different point of view I truly recommend you to join us in our journey. It will be unforgettable. Click here to find more about the project.

Hopefully, we’ll see each other there!😊

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Now the story

This weekend, we decided to have fun despite the weather. We packed almost everything that we had in the basement, just like we put them, 3 years ago. On Saturday we woke up at 6 am, a little grumpy because we didn’t sleep well and the heat was pretty bad and hit the road.

We met our grandsons on the highway, in Otopeni. We stopped at Mc Donald’s to get some coffee and plan the road. The morning was pretty cold and the sun had just risen. After the small talk we got back in the car and we started the journey.

I let my mom take the right seat passenger as I wanted to relax and enjoy a book I post pone for too much time.



The road wasn’t too busy until Comarnic, one of the busiest touristic station in Romania. The traffic jam was huge and we lost almost one hour because of it. Here are some photos from the road.




The view was spectacular. All those trees surrounding us, the road’s curves being tight, the radio playing, created the best setting for a trip to the mountains. I could only smile and let myself be filled with gratefulness and peace.

We got on the peak at the Dichiu Cabin, getting to the cross-road that separates the way to Padina, from the one that leads to Piatra Arsă Cabin. This is the perfect spot for taking photos.


Sheep coming down.

After we reached the valley of Padina, we went looking for the best spot to camp. It had to be near the river, plain ground, and somehow close to the woods.


And thankfully, we found it soon. The wind blew strongly and the temperature was like 14 degrees Celsius while I was wearing a basic shirt and shorts. Too cold. We had lunch, trying to not let the wind blew the table or the food and then decided camping.

We unpacked the tent, only to discover it was useless. One of the bars was missing. The one that supported the roof. Apparently, we lost it the last time. It was a lost cause, but my dad didn’t give up. He was angry as he hates being unprepared, so he tried to fix it using scotch. Fail.


The only option left was that my parents sleep in the car (gladly, my car has its back seats folding) and me with my godson, in their tent.

Or we could try getting a room at the nearest cabin, Padina. Me and my god-daughter climbed the hill on which the cabin was on and we tried our luck. We spoke to the owner and found out there was a single double room left, with the bath on the hall.

We took it, just in case, and rushed to our camp. There were my dad and my grandson trying to unfold the second tent. I was already upset about how things went and angrily, I fixed the tent on my own. To our disbelief, it was almost my size. It said to be for 2 persons. I was the only one small enough to get in there.

I was at the edge of breaking. I felt sick, it was cold, I would have to sleep alone in the tent, it was midday already and nothing seemed to work out. Except laughing.

All the time we had spent trying to put the tents, we laughed. Why? Silly jokes. It was the only way to keep a good mood, otherwise we would have came for nothing.

I couldn’t handle the situation anymore so I went to sleep. In the tent. I woke up thirsty and with little air left to breath. That’s how small the tent was.

Then I heard some familiar voices (not the ones I came with), to find some family friends. As the talk went by I found out their son had his own room, a twin one, which he would be willing to share with me.

But I felt uncomfortable.

The day went by and we made a BBQ for dinner. We used coal, but the wind blew so strong, that it burnt them immediately, leaving the meat to be dried in an instant, without really being cooked.

Then we made a camp fire in order to not freeze.


The sky didn’t seem friendly.

The only good thing that happened during the night was the sky full of stars. While I went to the cabin (I decided to take that single bed offer because the car was too tight) I looked up to the sky. I saw thousands of stars, that formed something like a curtain. I felt better, relived of all that anger that filled me.

The next day, the sun burnt so bad I had to wear shorts and a sport bra. I really wanted to go home, but we wait until midday to do so.

Me trying to get into a good mood. My boyfriend cheered up all the time so I thought I could smile at least for him.

When I got home all I could do was fall asleep in an instant.

When I look back to that weekend, the anger vanishes and a small smile appears. All in all, it was a family experience, and I believe that everything happens with a reason, so maybe I had something to learn from this.


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First the background, next the story

Hello, my dear readers!

I’m back in business, I just recovered after my extreme weekend and now I’m ready to share with you the not-so-happy experience I had in the past days.

Well, the story starts on Thursday, at my godparents place. We were celebrating 3 years of their marriage. Beside drinking and eating cake, we talked about going on a trip. Nothing fancy, just relaxation.

”Let’s go camping” my mom said. Worst idea. We haven’t been going since 2014, when we had another bad experience. I guess those who don’t learn from history are supposed to repeat it.

In order to understand better the background on this trip, I should tell you about the previous one.

We went camping, to Padina. It was our first time there, and we heard only good things about the place, so we decide to try it out.

It’s not pretty far from Bucharest, but you still spend some time in the car.


We never go camping without being prepared: tents, boots, gas tank, lanterns, penknife, mattress, air pump, table, chairs, rain coats, thick clothes and so on. The whole family went – my grandparents, my godsons, my cousin and my parents. We put our tents and a pavilion, in order to be protected from the wind and possible rain. We had fun, ate, made a camp fire and stayed up late.

It was lovely, until the next morning. We woke up and the morning seemed pretty chilly, with some fog around the peaks and a low temperature. The forest seemed dark, unwelcoming. We had breakfast and slowly after that, the ending began.

It started pouring. Like a lot. Heavy rain drops, hitting the pavilion and us. The wind almost blew our tents. We could barely see each other. Each one of us tried to stay alert and keep the tents and the pavilions on the ground. We shouted in order to hear one another.

The storm was terrifying, thunders kept us scared while the we were wet to the bones. We struggled to pack everything, without caring which one’s which or where we put the things. When we finally got in the car, I pulled away my boots and my feet were soaked in dirt and cold water.

We stopped at the nearest restaurant Valea Șipotului Cabin , as we were tired, hungry and mostly, wet. We dried our clothes using the dryer in the bathroom. I still don’t know how they received us, all covered in dirt. We had a heart warming lunch and then headed straight home.

It was terrible. 

Now it’s time to live in the present – actually the present from 2 days ago.

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I’m gonna quit social media

I’m going camping with my family, in an area which my signal is gonna be hidden underneath the stones, so I have to say bye for 2 full days. 

Padina. Bolboci Lake, they are all here for me to rediscover (I’ve been here 3 years ago). I guess it’s gonna be interesting to live in nature, and trying not to get haunted by bears. 

Here are some photos from the road. Love you, guys. Stay safe in travelling.